Titan X å¨ Self-Weeding Laser Transfer Paper - Dark Fabrics - A3 (50 Sheets)
Titan X ® Self-Weeding Laser Transfer Paper - Dark Fabrics - A3 (50 Sheets)

Titan X ® Self-Weeding Laser Transfer Paper - Dark Fabrics - A3 (50 Sheets)



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- A revolutionary laser transfer paper specially designed for printing onto dark textiles
- Suitable for printing onto 100% cotton and cotton blends
- Self-weeding means that no cutting is required around shapes or letters. Simply print your design press it and only the design is transferred
- We don't believe in making laser transfer papers complicated with unusual names and codes - our papers are simple and easy to use and just do what they say on the box!
- Many papers leave behind excess film which can look bad and make the whole item feel stiff. Titan X ® paper is specially formulated to only transfer the toner covered areas onto the textile
- Print your design first onto the film and then press that with the White Booster Sheet to create the final transfer to put onto your fabric
- Suitable for use with ALL laser printers and copiers but best results are seen with use with the OKI White Toner Printers (OKI Pro7411WT and Pro8432WT)
- Each pack comes with 50 sheets of each Part A and Part B (please see instruction sheet that comes enclosed on how to use these)
- Works out to just over £1.90 a sheet making it one of the most competitively priced papers on the market!
- This is a pack of A3 papers - we also have this available in A4 size available here.
- Comes with full instructions

Very Important - Please Read:

1. Before starting to print you MUST ensure that you set the paper settings on your printer to the thickest paper setting possible. This may appear as 'Ultra Heavy' 'T. Our Laser Transfer Paper is much thicker than normal A4 paper and failure to do this will result in the paper jamming in your computer and can cause damaged to your fuser unit in the printer.

2. If possible please use the multi-purpose tray on your printer to give the paper a straight path through your printer for minimal fuss.

3. Self-weeding paper is suitable for blocks of colour or high contrast images. This is not suitable for printing photographs. This paper is best suited for text logos and vectors and other block items with gaps that would normally need to be manually cut.

4. This paper is suitable for dark fabrics and garments. For light textiles please use our Titan X ® Self-Weeding Laser Paper for Light Textiles.

5. Timing is crucial for great results. Please ensure you do a hot peel of the paper (peeling while the item and paper is very warm). By leaving it too long the paper will fuse with your garment and will not be removable.
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