Photo Slate - Large Clock - 25cm x 40cm
Photo Slate - Large Clock - 25cm x 40cm

Photo Slate - Large Clock - 25cm x 40cm


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  • Made from solid rock slate with a plain white sublimation coating
  • Clock measures 40cm x 25cm allowing ample space for your designs or artwork (not printable with an A4 sublimation printer)
  • All of our photo slates have a gloss finish (not matte finish) to produce much more vibrant prints especially for photos
  • Comes with clock mechanism and hands included
  • Operates with 1 x AA battery (batteries not included)
What can I do with this product? This rock slate clock is great for creating:
  • Branded clocks for schools offices or other organisations
  • Children's clocks with special designs
  • Promotional clocks for events or giveaways
Troubleshooting and Tips

We have tested these photo slates by pressing them upside down so that the heat goes through the slate. Heating the paper directly can cause the paper to burn and the finish will not be as required.

If you are not getting good results by heating through the slate you can also heat the slate face up i.e. heating the sublimation paper directly. However if you are doing this please ensure you halve the heating time listed below. e.g. if it says 8 minutes change this to 4 minutes. If heating face up use a thin silicone mat to sublimate inside the rough edges of the slate to create a seamless image. Add roughly a minute to the heating time if using this silicone mat.

Larger slates are not suitable for clamshell presses as placing the slate too close to the hinged area can apply too much pressure and crack the slate. Swing away presses are best suited for this.
Pressing Time
8 Minutes
200 Degrees
Flat Press