Mugs - 15oz - Inner and Handle Coloured - Dark Blue
Mugs - 15oz - Inner and Handle Coloured - Dark Blue

Mugs - 15oz - Inner and Handle Coloured - Dark Blue


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  • Larger 15oz Ceramic Mugs for Sublimation Printing
  • Can be pressed in a normal 11oz press
  • Gives you something slightly different to offer your customers
  • We have vigorously tested their dishwasher proof status and they have NO fading of the design unlike other cheaper mugs
  • Come packed in boxes of 36
  • Individual mug boxes not supplied
  • Comes with a dark blue coloured inner and dark blue handle. Also available in a wide range of other colours and styles.

What can I do with this product?
These sublimation photo mugs are perfectly made for use as personalised gifts or promotional items. You can create:
  • Stunning photo mugs with vibrant colours
  • Promotional items awards or corporate branded mugs
  • Personalised mugs for birthdays stocking fillers anniversaries and work colleagues
Troubleshooting and Tips
Always ensure the design on the sublimation paper you are using is fully dry otherwise this will lead to shadows and blurring
If you have the sublimation mug in the heat press for too long or at too high a temperature the ink will start to remove itself off the mug again. This results in blacks looking brown. The paper may stick to the mug and be difficult to remove
Ensure your press has adequate pressure and adjust if necessary. It should not take much effort to close the press but once closed you should not be able to move the mug at all
After pressing peel the sublimation paper off the mug immediately. Another alternative is to dunk the mug in water (room temperature or slightly colder) and then remove the mug. This will stop the sublimation process and also prevent any blurring or shadows.
Pressing Time
3 Minutes
180 Degrees
Mug Press




Substrate Material




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