How To Print On A Sublimation Mug

by Longforte Team

27th April 2023

Sublimation printing onto a mug involves the transfer of an image or design onto a special coated mug using heat and pressure. Here are the basic steps involved in sublimation printing onto a mug:

Materials needed:

1. A sublimation printer

2. Sublimation ink cartridges

3. Sublimation transfer paper

4. Heat-resistant tape

5. Coated mug

6. Mug press machine

7. Heat-resistant gloves

Step 1: Design your image

Using graphic design software, create or upload your desired image or artwork that you want to print on your mug. Make sure the image is high resolution and in the correct format (JPEG or PNG).

Step 2: Print the image

Load the sublimation transfer paper into your sublimation printer, making sure that the image is set to mirror mode. Print the image onto the transfer paper using the sublimation ink cartridges.

Step 3: Preheat your mug press

Preheat your mug press to the recommended temperature (usually around 190°C / 375°F). This will ensure that the mug is heated evenly during the sublimation process.

Step 4: Prepare the mug

Clean and dry the mug thoroughly. Make sure there are no fingerprints, dust, or debris on the surface that could interfere with the transfer. Then, wrap the sublimation transfer paper around the mug, making sure the image is facing the mug's surface. Secure the paper in place with heat-resistant tape.

Step 5: Place the mug into the press

Place the mug into the mug press, making sure the transfer paper is lined up correctly and the mug is centered in the press. Tighten the pressure handle to apply even pressure across the mug.

Step 6: Heat the mug

Set the press to the recommended time (usually around 2-4 minutes depending on the type of mug and design) and let it heat the mug. Make sure to wear heat-resistant gloves when handling the hot press and mug.

Step 7: Remove the mug from the press

Once the time is up, carefully remove the mug from the press and place it on a heat-resistant surface to cool down. Be careful not to touch the transfer paper or image while the mug is still hot.

Step 8: Remove the transfer paper

Once the mug has cooled down, carefully peel off the transfer paper to reveal your sublimated design. The design should be permanent and resistant to fading, peeling, or cracking.

And there you have it! With a little bit of practice and patience, you can create high-quality sublimated mugs that are perfect for gifts or personal use. Remember to follow the manufacturer's instructions for the sublimation printer, transfer paper, and mug press for the best results.

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