Sublimation Apron and Chef Hat - Kids Baking Set - Red

Sublimation Apron and Chef Hat - Kids Baking Set - Red
  • Bright and colourful sublimation baking set for children
  • The set is made from one apron and one chef's hat.
  • The apron features a white sublimation panel on the chest area that you can print your design onto
  • The apron is fastened by two ties on either side and the neck strap can be adjusted for size
  • Chef's hat has white headband area that can also be sublimated on
  • Apron is in a dark red/ burgundy colour and is also available in a navy blue
  • Available in Small and Large size
What can I do with this product?
These aprons are perfectly made for use as personalised or promotional items. You can create:
  • Personalised gift items for children for Christmas or birthdays
  • Branded aprons for pottery classes, cookery schools and other catering organisations
  • Apparel for school events or charity fundraisers
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2 minutes
2 minutes


175 degrees
175 degrees




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