Kids Chef's Hat - White
Kids Chef's Hat - White

Kids Chef's Hat - White


£1.74 inc. VAT
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  • Largest Stock of High-Quality Sublimation Blanks

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  • 100% polyester chef's hat for sublimation
  • Made for children with elastic fitting on the back for a 'one size fits all'
  • Printable all over
  • Premium Twill style finish for perfect colour reproduction and results
  • Lowest price available in the UK

What can I do with this product?
These kids chef's hats are so easy to print on and the applications are endless. You can create:
  • Personalised chef's hats as gifts for boys or girls.
  • Promotional hats for events. parties and more
  • Branded chef's hats for baking classes cookery schools and other catering organisations

Troubleshooting and Tips
Always ensure the design on the sublimation paper you are using is fully dry otherwise this will lead to shadows and blurring
For textiles the main thing to make sure of is that the item is completely flat before pressing. Without checking this you may have creases in the material which means the design will not transfer properly from the sublimation paper to your blank.

With the Chef's hats the best way to press them is in a flat press and using something that goes inside the hat between the flat area where you will put your design. This stretches the area out to make sure your artwork prints exactly as you intend it to.

We recommend that you also place a piece of tissue paper or spare paper on top of the sublimation paper before heating. This will help to catch any ink that escapes that would then go onto your heating element and could perhaps transfer on future items.
Pressing Time
60 Seconds
190 Degrees
Flat Press