Titan X ® Premium HIGH TACKY Sublimation Paper - A3 (100 Sheets)
Titan X ® Premium HIGH TACKY Sublimation Paper - A3 (100 Sheets)Titan X ® Premium HIGH TACKY Sublimation Paper - A3 (100 Sheets)

Titan X ® Premium HIGH TACKY Sublimation Paper - A3 (100 Sheets)


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  • A3-Sized Tacky Sublimation Paper (100 sheets)
  • Lightweight 100gsm paper perfect for all materials
  • High tacky makes sure the paper will never move from where you want it to be
  • Also available in other sizes and in a high tacky version too

What is tacky sublimation paper?

Our new range of sublimation paper comes with a tackified coating. This is activated by heating and so whilst in the heat press, our tacky paper will stick to the fabric which helps reduce the chance of your design moving when printing and also the chance of ghosting. When you remove the item from the press you can even shake it and the paper will still stay on!

With normal sublimation papers which are glossy and likely to move, the image may get duplicated if the paper or the fabric moves upon opening the press. However, sticky papers adhere to the fabric, removing this risk.

Tacky paper is best used in the following situations:

  • You are printing onto elastic or stretchable fabrics such as sportswear that is made of material such as spandex
  • Items that are likely to move during the transferring process
  • If you've ever had issues with ghosting of designs when pressing even non-stretchable fabrics

We have our paper in both medium tacky (65gsm) and high tacky (100gsm) forms as well as a number of sizes such as A4, A3 and 24in rolls

Using this paper will vastly increase the quality of your printing and can be used with all sublimation printers

Important Notes:

1. Please keep your paper stored a plastic or airtight box when not being used to prevent it from being affected by atmospheric humidity that may deteriorate the results you will get from the paper.

2. This paper is only suitable for use with sublimation printers and sublimation inks. Please do not use this with normal papers or laserjet/ inkjet printers as this may damage your printer

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