Clear Glass Sublimation Tile - 6in x 6in
Clear Glass Sublimation Tile - 6in x 6in

Clear Glass Sublimation Tile - 6in x 6in


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IMPORTANT: These tiles are completely clear and transparent glass tiles (like window panes). These are not green/ frosted like our glass coasters. There is a sticker on the tile to let you know which side to print onto.
  • Strong glass tiles made from clear tempered glass
  • Sublimate on the back (no mirror image required)
  • Glass tile has a smooth surface and edges giving it a premium and classy look
  • Can be printed on using a standard flat press
  • Use in conjunction with a thin silicone mat (1.5mm ideally). This will help to create an even and consistent print across the whole item
  • Measures 6in x 6in
  • NOTE: There is a round sticker on one side of the glass tile. This is the side that you need to print onto. Remove the sticker before heating
  • Also available in 4.25in x 4.25in size

What can I do with this product?

Perfect for creating tiles placemats decorative signs and much more.
Pressing Time
2 Minutes
180 Degrees
Flat Press