N1 Professional Badge Making Machine - 25mm
N1 Professional Badge Making Machine - 25mm

N1 Professional Badge Making Machine - 25mm


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This superb and easy to use machine can rapidly produce high quality badges. You simply need the components provided and your print printed on normal paper to produce each badge.

No heating or lamination is required. You simply align the components for each badge and press these together using this machine.

This kit includes:
  • N1 Professional Machine with 25mm round badge mould
  • Circular Paper Cutter (size-adjustable)
  • 100 x 25mm blank pin-back badge components

Although this kit is designed to produce 25mm badges the mould easily
pulls out and can replaced with moulds for other badge sizes which are also available to buy seperately. This means that once you have this machine you only need to replace the mould with a different size to produce different size badges rather than having to buy new machinery.

How do I make badges with this?

This machine is super simple to use and can produce up to 3000 badges a day.

  1. Fix the correct size mould for your badges on to the machine so that the 'A' mould is on the left hand side and the 'B' mould is on the right hand side
  2. Attach the top part of the mould to the main part of the machine
  3. Print your graphic and cut using the circular cutter provided
  4. In the 'A' mould place the front component of your badge
  5. On top of this place your cut out graphic and the mylar film
  6. Press down firmly to create the front part of the badge
  7. Put the component for the back part of the badge into the 'B' mould so that the sharper edge is facing up.
  8. Slide the 'B' mould so that it is under the pressing mechanism and press down firmly
  9. The top part of the badge is now fixed to the back part of the badge and you are done!

Moulds and Components are also available for the N1 Professional Machine in 37mm and 58mm sizes.
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