56mm N4 Badge Starter Pack with 200 FREE Components
56mm N4 Badge Starter Pack with 200 FREE Components

56mm N4 Badge Starter Pack with 200 FREE Components


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Starter Kit - N4 Professional 56mm Badge Making Package

Get everything you need to get started on making badges! Our starter package includes our professional quality N4 badge making machine with the appropriate mould, heavy duty paper cutter to cut your designs out and 200 FREE components to get you started!

This highly versatile machine can produce up to 300 56mm badges per hour. You simply need the components provided and your print printed on normal paper to produce each badge. The N4 machine has a swivel base which means that you can load sets of components at a time which hugely increases productivity.

No heating is required. You simply align the components for each badge and press these together using this machine.

This kit includes:
N4 Professional Machine
Mould for making 56mm sized badges
Desktop Stand Cutter for 56mm badges
200 56mm blank pin-back badge components

Although this kit is designed to produce 56mm badges the mould easily
pulls out and can replaced with moulds for other badge sizes which are also available to buy separately. Our N4 badge making machine has a very wide range of alternative moulds to choose from. This means that once you have this machine you only need to replace the mould with a different size to produce different size badges rather than having to buy new machinery.

Moulds and Components available for the N4 Professional Machine include:
25mm Round Badge
32mm Round Badge
37mm Round Badge
37mm Square Badge
50mm Round Badge
52mm x 57mm Heart Badges
56mm Round Badge
58mm Round Badge
75mm Round Badge

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