A5 Wiro Notebook with Sublimation Front and Back Covers

A5 Wiro Notebook with Sublimation Front and Back Covers
  • Brand New clever printable notebook for sublimation
  • 80 pages of line paper inside makes this a useful and practical book for work, home or school
  • Comes with a fully printable front and back cover that can both be sublimated upon
  • Easy to print on using a standard flat heat press or hobby press
  • Standard A5 size
What can I do with this product?
These notebooks are perfect for creating:
  • Corporate branded items for conferences or events
  • Personalised school books for children
  • Visually stunning notebooks for the events or classes
To print on these sublimation notebooks, you will require a very high pressure to prevent the surface from bubbling. We also recommend that once you remove the cover from the press, put it under something heavy like a pile of books or anything else. This prevents it from warping and bubbling as the cardboard cools down.
Pressing Information


2 minutes
2 minutes


180 degrees
180 degrees


Very High
Very High


Flat Press
Flat Press

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